A combination of striking techniques, cardiovascular exercise, and excitement utilized to reach fitness goals. 

  • No personal contact or striking in VFC. 
  • All basic level striking skill will be instructed requiring no previous experience. 

Classes are on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 6AM-7AM.

Led by Marc Saint Preux

Certified personal trainer with expertise in weight loss, muscle gain and the world of combatives. 

Driven to help others gain a sense of empowerment, build confidence, grow and develop their body.



A ranked self-defense and striking program that combines fitness and family.

  • Light contact
  • No previous experience required
  • Advancement through techniques and principles as levels advance

Classes: Monday 5:30 Tuesday 6PM Wednesday 5:30PM Thursday 6PM

Orientations: Monday & Wednesday 4:45PM

Led by Brandon Thatch

A professional fighter for over 10 years under the tutelage of his father and co-instructor Clerance Thatch.

Fought in the UFC

Committed to teaching discipline, conditioning, and self-confidence. 





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