Brandon ‘Ruckus’ Thatch

Born and raised in Denver, Colorado Brandon ‘Ruckus’ Thatch first began martial arts age 5 with Karate. Under his father’s tutelage and following in his footsteps Brandon progressed through Karate to kick boxing then mixed martial arts. Turning professional at age 23 Brandon has constantly strived to build skills, character and intelligence throughout his career spanning the globe.

As his career progressed from fighting locally to working with the UFC, Brandon’s passion for teaching and sharing the art which he loves has never wavered. Brandon has held an impressive first round win streak of 10 fights, received awards for Colorado Fighter Of The Year as well as numerous Fight Of The Night honors.

Accessible now as the leader of Vital Strike Club Brandon’s energetic, professional battle tested style is available to all. His passion is striking his gift is the ability to share his talents with the world. Now with VSC we all have the opportunity to elevate Ruckus style!

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