Megan grew up in Maine and began her fitness journey as a child in the physical therapy 
world with her mother. Through weekly family competitions of arm wrestling
 matches, wall sits and push ups, she knew she’d always want to be involved 
in health and wellness. She moved to Colorado the morning after graduating 
college in 2011 and originally opted for a medical career with her 
BS in biology. With a major career shift in 2015, Megan began instructing 
kickboxing classes and fell in love with the sense of empowerment it brought to her clients. 
She transitioned into Krav Maga to dig deeper into self defense and began managing
 a gym in 2016 where she developed her own fitness boxing program
 to add to the curriculum. Megan now teaches privately and enjoys one on one sessions 
with her clients where she can customize her programming
 to their specific needs. Through functional fitness and proper diet, 
she believes the body can truly thrive and enjoys teaching her clients from the ground up. 
Megan is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. 
She works with clients who want to lose weight, gain muscle and those who 
wish to dive into the world of combatives through boxing and kickboxing.

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