Shad is a Colorado native who loves getting some fitness in outdoors as much as in the gym. After graduating from CU-Boulder, Shad found a passion for fitness when he started looking to correct the nutritional errors of college and shed over 40 pounds. Shad uses straight-forward and old-school weight training tactics and simple but effective cardio to help you accomplish your goals, whether it’s losing weight or getting stronger.

It can be difficult to prioritize and find the time to work out, which is why he’ll help you build a program that works for you both in and outside of the gym. Shad has experience competing in distance races, as well as in powerlifting, and can help coach you in either sport, and give you helpful tips from his experience as you prepare for race or competition day.

Whether you’re training to compete, for your health, or just to have fun in the gym again, Shad believes we can use fitness to be better friends, neighbors, coworkers, and members of our community.

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