Vital Strike Club is a hybrid kickboxing class that integrates technique, cardio, and functional training.

Vital Strike Club is zero contact. You will train like a fighter, but never get hit in the face like one.

  • Our classes are a great way to add cardio into your workout.
  • No previous experience is needed.
  • We will supply you with all the equipment you will need for your first couple classes. After that, we recommend purchasing gloves, shin guards, and hand wraps.

Classes: Monday 5:30 Tuesday 6 PM Wednesday 5:30 PM Thursday 6 PM

Orientations: Monday & Wednesday 4:45 PM

Led by Marc, Lauren, and Jen.

Marc Saint-Preux

Certified personal trainer with expertise in weight loss, muscle gain and the world of combative.

Driven to help others gain a sense of empowerment, build confidence, grow and develop their body


Lauren first jumped into the fitness world after college.  Initial efforts consisted of running and weightlifting until more was needed to quench her fitness thirst.

A friend recommended boxing, so amidst curiosity, anticipation, and excitement, Lauren charged forward. Little did she know that she’d absolutely fall in love with the sport!

Boxing and kickboxing have empowered Lauren in ways she never thought possible and constantly challenge her mentally and physically. Lauren strives to help others feel that same sense of empowerment and help others release their inner beast!

CHALLENGE ISSUED: Come to one of her classes, turn off everything you have going on outside of the gym, and just let the punches and kicks fly!


Growing up in Dallas then relocating to St. Louis, Jennifer moved to Denver in an effort to escape the humidity. While in St. Louis Jen was exposed to boxing as a fun, incredible form of cardio and mental therapy.

Fitness has always been Jennifer’s primary method of maintaining health and happiness. Boxing and kickboxing have added elements of discipline, strength and stamina that she had not been able to achieve through other forms of fitness.

While constantly working to hone and improve her skill set, Jennifer’s passion is to bring others into the fold, highlighting the physical and mental gain possible through admission to the Vital Strike Club family.

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