Rachel grew up in Denver, CO and began her fitness journey as a competitive gymnast and
dancer. After high school she moved to Los Angeles to study Communications and Dance at
Loyola Marymount University.  During her time in LA she took full advantage of all of the
fitness opportunities the city had to offer expanding her training portfolio to encompass
techniques based in circuit training, HIIT workouts, weightlifting, and Pilates.  In addition to
being a certified personal trainer, Rachel is also certified in Lagree Fitness, a highly trained
Versa Climber instructor and currently pursuing her doctorate in physical therapy. When
it comes to her fitness philosophy she believes in a whole body approach, focusing on
improving strength, endurance, flexibility, and nutrition.  Rachel strives to empower her
clients by pushing them to their max while making them feel safe, supported, and motivated.
Her goal for each client is not only to create change physically but also to improve mental
stamina and self-confidence.  Be prepared for her to push you to be better and stronger both
mentally and physically and leave feeling like a bad ass!