ACE Certified personal trainer
    (2012 to Current )
    NESTA Certified Personal Trainer
    First Aid/CPR/AED Certified
    Nutrition Coaching
    Group and private instruction
    Triathlon Training including Ironman competitors
    Lower body post-rehabilitation
    NPC National Bodybuilding, Fitness, physique, Figure & Bikini coach
    NPC Bodybuilding & Physique Competitor
    Wrestling, Swim, Basketball, Football, Strength, and Conditioning Coach
    1997 All-American Collegiate Wrestler

    Results are achieved with more than just exercise, it is about lifestyle with nutrition as a key component. Whole foods provide the essential nutrients that fuel and reshape the body while maximizing performance. My professional instruction and endless motivation has enabled my clients to maintain consistent and accountable lifestyle while reaching their goals. My group workouts offer a fun, competitive, efficient and effective workout.


        Rachel grew up in Denver, CO and began her fitness journey as a competitive gymnast and
        dancer. After high school she moved to Los Angeles to study Communications and Dance at
        Loyola Marymount University.  During her time in LA she took full advantage of all of the
        fitness opportunities the city had to offer expanding her training portfolio to encompass
        techniques based in circuit training, HIIT workouts, weightlifting, and Pilates.  In addition to
        being a certified personal trainer, Rachel is also certified in Lagree Fitness, a highly trained
        Versa Climber instructor and currently pursuing her doctorate in physical therapy. When
        it comes to her fitness philosophy she believes in a whole body approach, focusing on
        improving strength, endurance, flexibility, and nutrition.  Rachel strives to empower her
        clients by pushing them to their max while making them feel safe, supported, and motivated.
        Her goal for each client is not only to create change physically but also to improve mental
        stamina and self-confidence.  Be prepared for her to push you to be better and stronger both
        mentally and physically and leave feeling like a bad ass!


            Isaiah has had a passion for studying Personal Training and learning about the development
            of the body since he was in high school. He has had experience being trained by some
            of the most renowned trainers out in Illinois and here in Colorado.

            Isaiah studied Human Performance and Fitness for 4 years at St. Ambrose University in
            Davenport, Iowa. During his time there he also participated in Football and Track & Field.

            Isaiah brings a young, passionate and energetic  type of training to all of his clients.
            Always eager to learn and currently training as a football player where he is constantly
            learning and perfecting his craft as a personal trainer.


                My name is Marc Saint-Preux. I moved to Colorado from Miami, Florida. I moved here to start
                hiking more and my goal is to conquer all the 14’s in CO. I wrestled for about 5 years and
                after getting injured I found my passion in coaching wrestling. I graduated from Florida
                Atlantic University with a BS in Exercise Science and Health Promotions. I’ve worked with
                people from all walks of life, from various UFC fighters to 70+ year olds with hip and knee
                replacements. My specialty is in sports performance and functional training. I truly love
                working with people, helping them achieve their goals, and redefining their will.


                    Jourdan has been working in the fitness industry for over 12 years, holds her B.S in Health and Exercise Science from Colorado State University, is the creator of the Gym Quickies Fitness App and specializes in women’s fitness. After watching her dad win multiple national champion bodybuilding titles, Jourdan’s debut into the fitness industry was only a matter of time. She had her first major success out of college when she started a group training program with over 70+ women. From there she was hired to train abroad (including the middle east) and has since worked as a trainer in Denver for the last 6 years. Jourdan does pop up fitness events, is a certified yoga instructor and loves connecting one on one with clients versus large groups. She has also been featured in magazines such as Max Muscle and Fitness, Women’s Health and Fitness and was voted one of Denver’s Top 25 trainers from Medium.

                    When taking on a new client, she believes in a lifestyle approach and aims to teach her clients not only how to reach their goals, but maintain them as well. Jourdan wants her clients to truly be the best they can be, so focus on habit changes and accountability outside of the gym are also a big part of her sessions.


                        Adriana was born and raised in FL, lived in TN for 10 years before moving to Colorado in 2014.   She has been a certified group fitness instructor since 2002 and over 10+years experience as a personal trainer.  Adriana is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Medical Exercise Specialist, Certified Prenatal/Postnatal Fitness Specialist and a NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist.   She also holds a B.A. Degree in Psychology from Florida State University and M.Ed./Ed.S. degrees in Counselor Education from the University of Florida.

                        Adriana personally understands what it’s like to start a health and wellness journey from the very beginning.  Not having any athletic sports background growing up, she became overweight in her college years, weighing over 200 pounds at the end of her college career.   Faced with the reality of being overweight, she sought help from a personal trainer and committed to eating healthy and consistent exercise.

                        Adriana works with clients who are interested in weight loss, improve and increase muscle tone, and those who need muscle imbalance correction.


                            Amy is passionate about holistic wellness. As a mental health professional and NASM certified trainer with a background in breath work and mindfulness expect to receive a powerful experience as a client of hers. Amy works with her clients to improve their strength and mobility while also taking into account their cardiovascular health and CO2 tolerance. She even takes her clients through contrast therapy by coaching them through heat and ice sessions out of her home.
                            Contact Amy at Amy@truecorehealth.com or find out more information about her at her website, www.truecorehealth.com


                                Todd has 10 years of experience in the fitness industry, both as a personal trainer and manager.
                                He earned a triple major in college (Exercise Physiology, zAthletic training, Exercise
                                Leadership) while also playing NCAA division III football. Todd is a Certified Strength
                                and Conditioning through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He is also
                                a Certified Personal Trainer, Performance Enhancement Specialist, and Corrective Exercise
                                Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

                                During his time spent in the fitness industry, he noticed that most trainers focus on the
                                exercises and programs but not on the lifestyle of the individuals trying to achieve their
                                results. He noticed that this slowed down (and even stopped) the results that should have
                                taken place. Moreover, if the clients were only taught what to do when they were not with their
                                trainer, they would not only see results but learn how to keep them once they achieved them.

                                Equipped with an extensive scientific background and years of experience, there is not a client
                                out there that Todd cannot help achieve their fitness goals. He is an intense, driven individual
                                that inspires others to reach new heights that they may have not thought possible. Todd
                                ensures that all clients achieve their results in the safest, fastest, way possible.


                                    Vinnie has over 12 years of training experience. He is a retired professional MMA
                                    fighter with Team Elevation in Denver, and he has fought for several different
                                    national promotions. Vinnie  now coaches for Team Elevation with kick
                                    boxers and MMA fighters. He specializes in sports performance training,
                                    weight loss, body sculpting, functional training, and kickboxing.

                                    Having Trained with some of the top strength coaches in the world, Vinnie specializes
                                    in making the body perform as good as it looks. His focus is on athletic movement
                                    rather than building muscle for only aesthetic purpose.


                                        Michael has over 10 years of experience as a trainer.  Having trained a wide range of clients, from young professional athletes to seniors with severe disabilities, he has the knowledge and passion to truly change anyone’s life through fitness.  He specializes in healing and preventing injury, bridging the gap between physical therapy and personal training using his expertise in biomechanics and kinesiology.  New to the gym?  No worries!  Michael still remembers what that’s like, and he promises to make it a smooth and comfortable transition for you.  Already a certified trainer?  Michael has trained countless trainers to increase their knowledge base and expand their skill set.


                                            Jennifer began working in the fitness industry in 2008.  Her focus is on functional
                                            movement, core-strengthening, full-body lifts, and performance-based training.
                                            She believes that if you focus on improving strength, endurance and health, your body
                                            will change naturally as a part of this process. She likes to take on
                                            clients who are looking for a challenge and are serious about making a lifestyle change.


                                                Chris originally hails from Colorado and has spent the last 16 years in New York City where
                                                he attended school at NYU. Growing up, he stayed very active in various sports including
                                                soccer, swimming, baseball, Tae-Kwon-Do, and football. His first real introduction to weight
                                                training was working with a trainer in the later part of high school and he has been fascinated
                                                by exercise science ever since.

                                                For the past 8 years, Chris has been a personal trainer training
                                                clients in New York City as well as traveling and training with clients internationally. Chris is
                                                a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and
                                                has received his Corrective Exercise Specialty certification through them as well.
                                                Along with his CPT and CES, he has also completed his certification in Metabolic and
                                                Neurological Adaptations with Kettlebells through Kettlebell Concepts (KBC).

                                                As a trainer, Chris enjoys the challenges that each client presents and meets them where
                                                they’re at no matter their fitness level. Even being very goal orientated he knows that fitness
                                                is not just about a destination but about the journey. Training is a continual learning process
                                                whether you are newbie or a seasoned gym goer. There is always a next step if you are willing
                                                to challenge yourself.Over the last three years, Chris has competed and placed in NPC men’s
                                                physique shows in New York City and New Jersey as a way to challenge and push himself as
                                                well. It is Chris’ goal to help his clients build a stronger, fitter, leaner and more balanced body.


                                                    Aaron has over 6 years of experience in the fitness industry as well as a being a former  competitive athlete. When he’s not eating nachos or climbing, he helps his clients achieve  their fitness goals through proper strength training, nutrition, and building  healthy sustainable habits. He strives on using simplicity when it comes to fitness and nutrition. There's a lot of  misinformation in the fitness industry and his approach is to simplify and cut  through the BS. Doing the right things, doing them well, and doing them consistently  is the recipe for success.  Achieving your goals is all but a matter of time.  Aaron specializes in strength training, Olympic Weightlifting, athletic performance, fat loss,  nutrition, and injury prevention. No matter if you're a competitive athlete or someone who  just wants to move, look and feel better, he can help. Aaron is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine,  Functional Movement Screen certified, and a USA Weightlifting Coach. He is currently  completing his Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification.